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Looking for pad for the website

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Hi everybody. Tell Please expensive amigos, where can I stay? CPU during the day clogged by 100%, on the online site 600 + - visits, the rest apparently the 403 error pops up. What is the amount of uniques per day it’s hard to say for sure, everywhere the statistics diverge, but on average I think 20-30k. Subject of the site: entertaining, there are no streams, but there are a lot of pages. Visitors from all countries, the site is multilingual. Site weight plus minus 2 gigabytes. Virtual server not pulling , because I don’t make money on advertising.
Thanks in advance ...
You can reply to the mail:bayneorand.erson@outlook.com

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Hello everyone!
Looking for CMS for service site, there will be updates, minimum information and section technical documentation, with access for downloading by password...
Can someone tell me which way to look? Unfortunately, he didnt find anything.
Thank you for any advice)
You can reply to the mail: baldwincleaverl7@gmail.com

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